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Press Kit

Welcome to Flutter Away, a short nature exploration game set in a cozy nook of the Amazon rainforest. Please download media assets here, and contact with any further questions.

Camping Tent Illustration from the game Flutter Away


Runaway Play

Dunedin, New Zealand

Nintendo Switch™, Steam (PC & MAC)

Release Date:

​August 3rd 2023



  • Explore a cozy nook of the Amazon Rainforest 
    Set up camp, walk the nearby tracks and enjoy the beauty of the rainforest at your own pace.


  • Search for hidden creatures
    As a butterfly researcher, you also need to search for mushrooms, frogs, flowers and other rainforest life. Photograph discoveries to reveal more in your nature journal.


  • Befriend a Capybara
    During your trip you will encounter all kinds of creatures and plant life. Slowly build a friendship with a shy Capybara and discover her secret!

Screenshot of Butterfly from Flutter Away
Flutter Away Logo
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